Gweilo What?

If you’ve found your way this far, the chances are pretty good that you already know what it means to be a gweilo, or perhaps you were simply looking for a Caucasian wife.   Though we can certainly sympathize with the former, we regret to inform you that we cannot assist with the latter at this time.  Sorry.

For those of you who know us (or don’t) and aren’t fluent in Cantonese, being a gweilo literally means you are a ghost man.  Though neither of us are men, let alone pale men (thank you bronzer), we have been able to isolate the gweilo experience in a single moment, whether in Hong Kong or Cancun or Salzburg or Manhattan.  Regardless of the context, being a gweilo sneaks up on you in situations where you had fooled yourself into thinking your assimilated act was at all convincing.  Whether it’s watching that last piece of gooey duck slip from your chopsticks and jiggle to the floor while eating the best dim sum of your life, or finding yourself sunburned, dehydrated and afflicted with vertigo after a six-hour Steigl fueled bike tour, being a gweilo is most certainly a reality for those who participate in world travel like we do: as one part glutton, one part businesswoman, and one part endurance athlete.

Now that you understand the gweilo side, why girls?  Well, there’s two of us, we’re female, and we’ve known each other longer than you’ve probably known your best friend: since we were little girls.  Most importantly, ever since we’ve been able to exercise our free will, traveling together has been one of our top priorities and biggest passions.  Now that we’re business partners, the travel opportunities are about to explode and we want to be sure that we don’t forget a thing.  And let’s face it, we aren’t crafty enough to scrapbook.

One Response to Gweilo What?

  1. erica says:

    can’t wait to hear about all the adventures. i’m with you guys in spirit :)

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